Our highly trained, experienced medical staff will be glad to provide you with a free, confidential, limited ultrasound. You will then be provided accurate information on your pregnancy, such as the gestational age and viability.  Make an appointment at Cabarrus Women’s Center.

What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to create images of your pregnancy. The free ultrasound test will tell you if your pregnancy has a heartbeat, whether it is located in your uterus, and will tell how far along you are. All of this information will determine what options are available to you.

How far along am I?

An ultrasound can be used to determine the gestational age, how far along the pregnancy is, by using measurement. We are able to perform a limited ultrasound as early as 5 weeks.

Natural Miscarriages and Ectopic Pregnancies

Natural miscarriages can also occur. It is estimated approximately ten to fifteen percent occurring after a woman knows she is pregnant.¹ Ultrasounds can determine the viability of a pregnancy, since at about 6 to 7 weeks a heartbeat can routinely be monitored, or if your pregnancy is at risk for a natural miscarriage.

Limited ultrasounds can also determine the location of your pregnancy. Normal pregnancies are located in the uterus, however, sometimes pregnancies develop outside the uterus, predominantly in the fallopian tubes. This is called an ectopic pregnancy, which requires immediate medical attention.

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